Tom Williams Rallying

July 2017

We have been sponsoring Tom Williams for a few years, since he started his professional career as a junior driver at 16. Now 18, Tom has started racing at the senior events in the Cadet BRC class driving a M sport Ford Fiesta R2. At the British Rally Championship for Drivers, held in conjunction with the Ypres rally, in June 2017 we saw just how much he had improved over the last couple of years. Tom had an excellent rally despite losing a gear in the very first stage which slowed him down and caused a lot of head scratching in the pits! There were only 30 minutes for the maintenance session after stage 3 – not enough time to change the gearbox – so Tom had to continue racing until the end of day 1 when the team had about an hour for maintenance, just enough time to complete the work.

On day two, despite the time penalty from the previous day, with the car repaired and working well Tom was able to make up a lot of time and finished the rally 2nd in his class! For more on Tom, follow Tom Williams Racing on Facebook and drive off-road as Tom with the latest Dirt4 video game (but you have to get past stage one to be able to select Tom’s car!)

FleetKleen™ cleaner/degreaser with bioremediation for hydrocarbon spills, spots and stains – allows Tom and the team clean up responsibly without harming the environment.