GBS Design Group Flies High with Top Quality Cleaning Products

GBS Design Group is one the leading providers of detailing, refurbishment, consultation, facility support and training services to the executive jet industry in the UK. This means it is responsible for maintaining some very prestigious private jets and presenting them in pristine condition to their owners. The company has its head office at Luton Airport, supporting Gulfstream Aerospace at its European Headquarters, as well as all outlying UK airports. GBS has a dedicated 24/7 FAST team to provide Gulfstream with continuous support, night or day.

Gerald Sichlinger, the MD and owner of GBS Design Group, by chance happened upon SpillAway products being shown to another customer at Luton airport. He was curious, "I already have cleaning products – what’s so great about this one?" he asked and stayed to watch the demonstration. Jon Swain from SpillAway Projects was demonstrating the power of FleetKleen to clean up oil spills on the hangar floor. Gerald saw straightaway that the product was very effective; many of the products he'd used in the past simply did not work. "The product sold itself," he explains. "I see a lot of sales people and I'm used to people trying to sell to me, so I know when someone knows what they're doing."

FleetKleen is a natural and non-hazardous cleaner and degreaser for use on hard surfaces such as hangar floors. It effectively cleans up hydrocarbon contamination such as oil stains, grease patches, aviation fuel spills and even glycol, using bioremediation which breaks down the hydrocarbons and digests them, leaving a slip-free surface. It is completely biodegradable and very simple to use. Gerald saw the quality of the product immediately and GBS Design Group has been using it ever since as part of their regular maintenance programme on the hangar floors.

FleetKleen from SpillAway Projects is used by the GBS Design GroupFleetKleen from SpillAway Projects is used by the GBS Design Group

No Job Too Small

Detailing in the executive jet world requires extraordinary meticulousness in order to present the planes to their owners in immaculate condition. Adding to the pressure, the turnaround can be very short. However, relaxing the standard of service is not acceptable.

To enable them to present their clients' jets to the highest standard, GBS Design Group require products which sort out problems quickly and effectively. An example of this is the use of protective plastic sheeting which is glued to the steps leading to the interior whilst maintenance and cleaning is underway. Removing the glue from the steps afterwards had been an arduous and time-consuming task using chemical cleaning agents, which also had the downside of leaving an unpleasant smell. Nowadays, using FleetKleen this has become a non-problem. It takes a matter of minutes to remove the glue, and using FleetKleen also has the benefit of leaving a slip free surface and a pleasant, natural smell.

GBS Design Group rely on SpillAway Projects products to keep the hangar clean and safeGBS Design Group rely on SpillAway Projects products to keep the hangar clean and safe

Going Green

GBS Design Group has a commitment to use more and more 'green' products in the coming years. While their clients are primarily concerned with how good their jets look and the quality of the service they receive, they are also interested in the green credentials of GBS Design Group, which SpillAway products help them to maintain. Other products such as PaintKleer, a graffiti, ink and adhesive remover, and FKA the unique galley surface and drain cleaner, are due to be presented shortly for testing to address specific issues. And GBS Aerospace, a sister company which supplies products and services into the aviation industry, is increasing the number of SpillAway Brands products which it recommends to its customers.

"I call you and things happen," says a delighted Gerald Sichlinger.

SpillAway Projects provide PaintKleer and FKA to help keep executive jets looking goodSpillAway Projects provide PaintKleer and FKA to help keep executive jets looking good

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