NEWSLETTER November 2015

SpillAway Brands™ product innovation

For FOGs contaminations which require regular and frequent application of product, SpillAway Brands™ have introduced two new products: GTO™ slow-release blocks; GTO™ cartridges for use in our dosing units. These products allow the bio-remediation of the fats to be continuous without the laboriousness of personally applying the product directly into traps and interceptors on a daily basis.

The cartridges need to be used in our battery operated dosing units which we install in a convenient place in the drain system. The doser is set to release an amount of GTO at regular intervals into the drainage pipes, building up the biomass which will keep the drains free from FOG contamination. The regularity of product release can be altered according to your specific requirement.

The GTO™ blocks are designed to sit on the bottom of the fat trap. All the time there is fluid in the trap the GTO will slowly release the micro-organisms which will then bio-remediate the FOGs in the trap.

If you have an issue with FOGs in your waste streams please call us on 01491 651392 to discuss the best possible solution using SpillAway Brands™ products.

Tom Williams Rallying

SpillAway Products is sponsoring Tom who is competing in the 2015 Kick Energy Junior 1000 Rally Championship. This unique championship allows drivers aged between 14 and 16 to compete in rallies in the UK, whilst providing a structured programme of training and mentoring involving the technical aspects of the vehicles and the sport. The rally is run in accordance with the Motor Sport Association (MSA) regulations.

Part of SpillAway Products sponsorship is product based – Tom is using FleetKleen™ to clean his car and also to clear up any oil spots and stains left behind after routine maintenance. FleetKleen™ is a natural product with bio-remedial properties and is non-hazardous so not only does it completely remove the hydrocarbon and leave a nice, slip-free surface but any run off – going into the lawn perhaps! – does not cause a problem environmentally.

Says Tom, "FleetKleen™ makes it easy to clean-up and keep my mum off my case!" Leaving Tom free to concentrate on the driving in his first season of rallying.

Follow Tom's progress here:

Product News

JackHammer Pre Wash can be replaced with JackHammer SmartSolvent. Both products are non-hazardous replacements for white spirits, the main difference between the two is that SmartSolvent is soluble in water (up to 50%).

We have stock of both PreWash and SmartSolvent. Please call us on 01491 651392 if you would like a sample to try.

Product News

FleetKleen™ is being offered as part of cleaning kit by RS Sales & Distribution to the petrol forecourt market. We’ve supplied FleetKleen specifically to their requirement in 1L bottles for this particular market, and worked with RS Sales to produce the branding and instructions for the labels.

If you have an idea for a bespoke product for your market please contact us to discuss: 01491 651392 or

Bio-remediation of FOGs

SpillAway Brands™ is particularly known for hydrocarbon bio-remediation, but they also manufacture highly effective products used in the food processing industry for the bio-remediation of FOGs.

Recently we have conducted a successful trial with a producer in West London to confirm the products needed to control the FOGs in their waste stream. Moving forward we are working with them to introduce slow-release blocks (see product innovation above) which will reduce their reliance on labour to administer the products.

An existing customer for hydrocarbon remediating products, recently contacted us regarding an issue with FOGs in the waste stream from their cafes. The problem has been affecting their waste treatment plant, reducing the efficiency. We recommended applying FPT-600 directly to the drains and regular doses of GTO (using cartridges in dosing units) into the drainage system. Having implemented this a couple of months ago, the situation has improved and the efficiency of the waste treatment plant is increasing.

Call us to discuss specific problems with FOGs waste. Dependent on the severity, we can attend site to make a proper assessment.

SpillAway Brands™ product range

SpillAway Brands™ is a unique range of industrial cleaning products which are non-hazardous and made from naturally occurring products. The range covers hydrocarbon contaminations, FOGs contaminations and solvent replacements.

Here's a quick guide of the main areas where the general products are used. This is by no means extensive so please call us on 01491 651392 for more information.

At SpillAway Projects, we have become effective at working with customers to establish the right solution, even when it has not been available as an off-the-shelf product. We can advise from experience and work with you to ensure best results.

Products - non-hazardous Clean-up of Hydrocarbons - bio-remediation
FleetKleen™ Cleaner/degreaser with bio-remedial properties Oil spots and stains on hard surfaces.
OWS-200™ Bio-remedial cleaner Oily contamination in interceptors and separators
OFM-500™ Cleaner/degreaser with bio-remedial properties Crude oil contamination, for use on hard surfaces, soils, gravel pits, rigs and machinery.
RigWash™ Cleaner/degreaser with bio-remedial properties. CEFAS Gold Standard. Oil spots and stains, suitable for all surfaces on rigs
SpillAway+™ Hydrocarbon absorbent - with/without bio-remedial properties. Oil spills on hard surfaces.
BioW™ Hydrophobic absorbent - with/without bio-remedial properties Oil spills on water.
Liquid Remediact™ Bio-remedial cleaner Hydrocarbon contamination in soil.
Dry Remediact™ Hydrocarbon absorbent with bio-remedial and restorative and oxygenating properties Hydrocarbon contamination in soil.
HC-Series™ Bio-remedial cleaner with restorative properties Hydrocarbon (light and heavy oil fractions) contaminations in deep soil and ground water.
Products - non-hazardous Clean-up of FOGs - bio-remediation
GTO™ Bio-remedial cleaner FOGs contamination in food traps
FPT-600™ Bio-remedial cleaner/degreaser FOGs contamination on floors and in drainage system
FPT-400 cleaner/degreaser FOGs contamination on hard surfaces where no active ingredient allowed.
FKA™ Bio-remedial cleaner/degreaser FOGs and light hydrocarbons

About SpillAway Projects Ltd

SpillAway Projects are the distributor in Europe for SpillAway Brands™. We are based in the UK where we hold stock of the popular products. We have many years' experience with this product range and can advise on application and usage. Please get in touch by phone (+44 (0) 1491 651668) or by email: for advice on your specific contamination issues, for stock availability.

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