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We are enjoying a busy Spring as the current weather, wet and warm, is perfect for bioremediation, particularly in soil. The micro-organisms in the SpillAway products initially need water and agitation to activate them and to allow them to form a colony. As a colony, they will digest the hydrocarbons or FOGs contamination and when their food source has gone they digest themselves, leaving no residue – the only by-products are water and mild traces of inert gases.

In essence, the process is simple. However, different types and situations of contamination require different solutions so please get in touch with us to discuss your individual circumstances – we have many years' experience with these products and are very happy to help.

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RigWash Awarded GOLD standard for OCNS

Discharge by the UK and Netherlands offshore petroleum industries is managed through the Offshore Chemical Notification Scheme (OCNS). Chemical products are ranked according to Hazard Quotient (HQ), calculated using the Chemical Hazard and Risk Management (CHARM) model. A banding system is used to differentiate the hazard level for products with similar functions, currently the banding is as follows:

Minimum HQ Value Maximum HQ Value Colour Banding
>0 <1 Gold Lowest Hazard
≥1 <30 Silver
≥30 <100 White
≥100 <300 Blue
≥300 <1000 Orange
≥1000 Purple Highest Hazard

Rigwash has been awarded Gold standard for OCNS and is registered under the completion/work-over algorithm within the CHARM model. It is a marine strength cleaner/degreaser and when used in a routine maintenance programme it will help maintain a clean and safe environment whilst effectively and economically eliminating hazardous hydrocarbon pollution. RigWash is safe to use on machinery and equipment -metals, rubbers, plastics, acrylics, chrome and plated finishes and painted surfaces - without fear of warping, etching, weakening or corroding.

Please contact for more information.

Product News – Liquid Remediact

Liquid Remediact™ has been entered into the edie Environment and Energy Awards 2016, in the Environment Product Innovation category. And against strong competition, the product has been selected as a finalist.

edie Awards 2016 Finalist

Liquid Remediact™ solves water and soil hydrocarbon contamination problems. It will bioremediate most hydrocarbons with a minimum amount of energy, labour and cost. Liquid Remediact is easy to use and ideal for most industries to solve their hydrocarbon contamination issues on site, thereby removing the potential carbon emissions and the significant cost of having the problem physically removed from site and dealt with by another party.

For more information on Liquid Remediact™ please call us on 01491 651392

Product News – HC Series Shelf Life extended

HC-Series is the professional product line from SpillAway Brand™ for the bioremediation of deep soil and ground water hydrocarbon contaminations. It has the ability to reach deep into contaminated areas, perform in-situ bio-remediation and accomplish goals in relatively short periods of time whilst realising major material and labour savings.

HC is now formulated as part liquid and part dry powder. The two are designed to be used in conjunction, along with the nutrients supplied for either soil or water applications.

Moving from the all liquid formulation to part dry powder has allowed the shelf life of the product to be extended from 3 months to 1 year which helps us, as the distributor, to ensure we have stock here in the UK for your requirements. The change has also reduced the weight of each case from 21kgs to 12kgs, which can reduce the cost of delivery.

For more information on HC-Series please call us on 01491 651392

Contamination Expo Series 2016

We'll be exhibiting at the Contamination Expo Series on 12th and 13th October at Excel in London, our stand is C304. This is a new show aimed at contamination professionals looking for innovative solutions and technology, it encompasses: Land Remediation Expo; Spill Response Expo; Clean Air Technology Expo; Hazardous Materials Expo; Water Pollution Solutions Expo; Nuclear Decommissioning and Remediation Expo. Something for everyone!

The event is supported by numerous associations, including the Environment Agency, and a wide-ranging programme of seminars and masterclasses is being assembled.

We looking forward to seeing you there, for free entry tickets please click on FREE TICKETS below.

Contamination Expo 2016 Free Tickets

Tom Williams Rallying

We are continuing our sponsorship of Tom in 2016. He has moved on from the juniors and is now competing at major rallies, including the British Rally Championship events, in the adult classes. This year is all about learning for Tom, as he moves into faster cars and is competing against very experienced teams.

He is currently driving a Ford Fiesta R1.

Tom Williams driving Ford Fiesta R1

Tom continues to use FleetKleen™ to clean up all oil spots and spills in the garage and he will be trying out a new product from our Jackhammer™ range, which is Cleaner Degreaser 6633. All the products in the Jackhammer™ range are environmentally responsible, replacements for solvent based cleaners; they do not have VOCs and they are 100% sustainable and biodegradable.

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SpillAway Projects are the distributor in Europe for SpillAway Brands™. We are based in the UK where we hold stock of the popular products. We have many years' experience with this product range and can advise on application and usage. Please get in touch by phone (+44 (0) 1491 651668) or by email: for advice on your specific contamination issues, for stock availability.

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