Jack Hammer TarKleen™

Tar and Asphalt remover

An alternative to VOC emitting, solvent tar and asphalt removers.

  • Cost-effective
  • 100% biodegradable and sustainable

Suggested uses

Asphalt and tar leaks; tar and pitch clean-up; waterproofing projects; stormdrain coatings; pipe coatings; concrete and asphalt form release; tool clean-up; paving equipment etc.

How to use

Easy to use – Jack Hammer TarKleen™ is supplied as a liquid.

Use a rag or brush to apply to the contaminated area; the agitation improves the effectiveness of the product as does a warm temperature, between 55° - 120°F (13° - 49°C) for best results.

A rust - preventative film is left on the surface, if not required simply rinse off.

Product Information

Non-hazardous to the environment.

pH: 7.3, 10% Solution

Jack Hammer TarKleen™ is supplied in: 20L Case (2 x 10L bottle) & 1000L IBC

Jack Hammer TarKleen